Mark Lessman

"I love this horn, I got it as a replacement or as a second horn. I got a Mark VI also but I've fallen in love and it has kind of become my main horn.

This horn does about everything that I ever wanted to do. It plays beautifully bottom to top, nice and even. The altissimo comes out nice and clean.

In some horns the G just doesn't pop out. On this horn it's great. I have the horn a little over a year and couldn't be happier"

Wayne Shorter
“It has not been since Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone that I have felt someone has brought this instrument to an essence. Remy Saxophones presented me with a tonal spectrum befitting my inexhaustible desire to continue to explore the road less travelled. Its unique qualities could have only been crafted by the hands of a designer with a heart set on a mission to transcend the limits imposed only by commercial pursuits. Bravo! - Wayne  
Knoel Scott – Sun Ra Arkestra
“"The horn is so responsive you have no idea how my heart is smiling from the inside because I finally have something that is responsive to all of my musical needs. and my main need is for my horn to be an extension of my soul".  
Joël Metz
A mixture of grateful- and happiness, a very heartfelt state of well-being. Shout-out to Remy for his brilliant work on this outstanding horn. ? I‘m looking forward to every future second that I‘ll spend with this beauty.
Karlis Auzins
“Remy saxophone sound and feeling-wise reminded me a bit of one SBA tenor I tried many years ago, which was the best horn I ever played, but couldn’t afford to buy, so I bought my MK VI instead which I liked very much as well and during these 7 years of playing it I happened to try some other horns including other MK VI’s, Selmer BA, even Yamaha custom etc, but non of them beat the horn I had (for my taste) until this one. So after 3 days of comparison playing between my Selmer and Remy I decided to go for the Remy saxophone and never looked back on that decision.”
Ivan Baryshnikov
““The new soprano saxophone by Remy Saxophones seems the best soprano I ever played in my life. It helps to deliver rich sound in any range and dynamics. It is easy to control the sound, intonation and play any passage with the smoothly moving mechanics.””
Joao Driessen
“Over the last 10 years I’ve been fortunate to witness Remy go from strength to strength honing and developing his craft. From humble beginnings (before my time) to developing his own range of saxophones, things have come a long way and for that I am grateful and proud to know him. I am extremely sceptical when it comes to new hardware, especially considering my relationship with my Mark VI saxophone is, dare I say it, verging on matrimony. When Remy first showed me the tenor saxophone he was working on, I was rather sheepish about the whole affair, but as a good friend ought to be, I remained encouraging and positive. After a couple months being left in the dark about the whole thing Remy introduced to me what he considered close to production ready, the Remy Tenor Saxophone – an early version of the saxophone I have been playing the last couple of months. What started out as a gesture of good will towards Remy (in setting aside my trusted mark VI) has become a serious revaluation of what is capable on a new saxophone. Customisability has really been at the forefront of this exchange and having the chance to refine and really think about how I use and play the horn has dramatically lifted my playing and enjoyment of the instrument. In the past months Remy has diligently spent hours working on the saxophone, adjusting it to my sometimes rather stringent demands which included a lot of doing, undoing, and doing over of various aspects of the keywork, tone and ultimately playability. I would never have thought a modern saxophone could match the ease of playing and tone produced by what is arguably one of the most famous and sought after saxophones that have ever existed. It has been an absolute pleasure being a bystander to Remy’s incredible commitment to saxophones and saxophone players.
Lars Dietrich
““Talent, modesty and hard work are traits commonly found among craftsmen. Rare, but not that uncommon. However, extraordinary when such craftsmen posses a creative mind and the will to overcome their own modesty in answering to their creative aim. This would perfectly describe saxophone builder Remy Veerman. Besides his incredible accomplishments as a master repairman and a creator of his own line of innovative saxophone pads, he recently stunned the saxophone world by doing the impossible. Remy saxophones are unlike any other new instrument. The sound and feel of each horn, although unique on their own, equal, if not surpass the gold standard such as the ‘Mark VI’ and ‘Balanced Action’ horns. This alone is not only a feature never accomplished before, but also much desired and needed change in the saxophone world. The beauty of Remy saxophones truly shines when you start realizing that the search for that one vintage horn with your name on it, is over. The idea that there is a new horn, which combines the very best of the old and the new, is nothing short of astonishing. And it will make any saxophone player ecstatic. I am proud and happy to be part of this incredible spearheading chapter that is already revolutionizing the world of saxophones and music. Remy Veerman is the real deal. Hands down the best saxophone I've ever played. Go check them out!  

Lars plays his Remy alto

Remco Icke
“Saxophone players, please check these amazing custom build saxophones by Remy Veerman. The first time you will hear and feel the Selmer MVI and Balanced Action in a new build saxophone!”
Martijn Versteegen
“Thanks Remy Veerman for this great horn with incredible sound! Redefining the benchmark: she easily beats my Mark VI”
Julian de Munnik
“Je gaat alleen langs voor een check-up van je huidige sax en terwijl ik wacht op de vakman die m'n sax in orde maakt, besloot ik toch even z'n nieuwe creatie uit te proberen; de Remy saxofoon. Ik had al het eerdere prototype bespeeld, maar bleef trouw aan m'n huidige sax. Totdat ik deze sax in handen kreeg. Afgesteld voor Maceo Parker om uit te proberen op North Sea Jazz. Door het missen van z'n gig, niet in zijn handen geweest. Door toeval in mijn handen. En dan speel je, en dan hoor je in de kamer naast je kreten van verwondering en extase. Nog nooit zo'n vol geluid gehoord!....De sax heeft gekozen. Geheel onverwacht en platzak, met een geweldig instrument de vakantie in!”
Jitz Jeitz
“It’s for a week now that I own and play a new Tenor by Remy Saxophones, designed and assembled by Remy Veerman. Let me say that my rehearsing room never resonated like this before! It was not my plan to buy a new instrument, as I am more than happy with my vintage SBA (repaired by Remy Veerman). However, when it tried out Remy’s self-built horn at Northseajazz, I knew after a few seconds that this was a very special thing! It’s a modern instrument with all the character I expect from those good vintage horns, it is easy blowing, has a fat, dark, projecting tone, a terrific dynamic range, from whispered low Bb to vociferous altissimo, and it has a comfortable ergonomic. Just astonishing! Well, playing still has to be done by myself… Let’s see how it feels after a few months, but it might be quite possible that this Tenor Sax will be my number one horn, and my SBA will be a very luxury back up!”
Enrique Oliver
“After 15 years with my dearest cigar cutter, it was time to give him a break. Thank you so much to Remy Veerman! I had a great time today testing her saxes. From the first moment I felt a special feeling which you see in the video and at the end, after hours testing saxes and staples I chose him. ”