Jitz Jeitz

It’s for a week now that I own and play a new Tenor by Remy Saxophones, designed and assembled by Remy Veerman. Let me say that my rehearsing room never resonated like this before!
It was not my plan to buy a new instrument, as I am more than happy with my vintage SBA (repaired by Remy Veerman). However, when it tried out Remy’s self-built horn at Northseajazz, I knew after a few seconds that this was a very special thing! It’s a modern instrument with all the character I expect from those good vintage horns, it is easy blowing, has a fat, dark, projecting tone, a terrific dynamic range, from whispered low Bb to vociferous altissimo, and it has a comfortable ergonomic. Just astonishing! Well, playing still has to be done by myself…
Let’s see how it feels after a few months, but it might be quite possible that this Tenor Sax will be my number one horn, and my SBA will be a very luxury back up!