Lars Dietrich

“Talent, modesty and hard work are traits commonly found among craftsmen. Rare, but not that uncommon. However, extraordinary when such craftsmen posses a creative mind and the will to overcome their own modesty in answering to their creative aim.

This would perfectly describe saxophone builder Remy Veerman.

Besides his incredible accomplishments as a master repairman and a creator of his own line of innovative saxophone pads, he recently stunned the saxophone world by doing the impossible.

Remy saxophones are unlike any other new instrument. The sound and feel of each horn, although unique on their own, equal, if not surpass the gold standard such as the ‘Mark VI’ and ‘Balanced Action’ horns.

This alone is not only a feature never accomplished before, but also much desired and needed change in the saxophone world.

The beauty of Remy saxophones truly shines when you start realizing that the search for that one vintage horn with your name on it, is over.

The idea that there is a new horn, which combines the very best of the old and the new, is nothing short of astonishing. And it will make any saxophone player ecstatic.

I am proud and happy to be part of this incredible spearheading chapter that is already revolutionizing the world of saxophones and music.

Remy Veerman is the real deal. Hands down the best saxophone I’ve ever played. Go check them out!


Lars plays his Remy alto